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Shop Virtually and Safely Using Your Phone

Everybody loves BoxDrop. We have an average Facebook rating of 4.8 across 25,000 reviews. On Google, we have an average rating of 4.6 across over 15,000 reviews. Here's even more great news: now you can virtually shop at BoxDrop!

At participating BoxDrop store locations, we allow you to shop virtually with a friendly expert using just your phone. We can show you all the great deals that are available at our location nearest you or on our e-commerce site.

When you virtually shop with BoxDrop, you can safely buy amazing mattress and furniture brands at huge discounts. Plus, we'll quickly and safely deliver directly to your home.

Virtual shopping is safe, easy and fun. We'll show you all the name brands you find at local high-end retailers, at a fraction of the price. Our brands include Simmons BeautyRest, Sapphire Sleep, Nature’s Sleep, Royal Heritage, Crown Mark, Steve Silver and many others.


Virtually Shop for Exclusive In-Store Brands

Sapphire Sleep mattresses, one of the country’s hottest mattress brands, is only available at BoxDrop locations for 50% off retail. You can find these popular Sapphire Sleep brands at your local BoxDrop: Sapphire Sleep Thermic Cool-Phase, Sapphire Sleep Copper, Sapphire Sleep Ice Silver, Sapphire Sleep 12", Sapphire Sleep 10" and Sapphire Sleep 8".

When you own a Sapphire Sleep mattress, you will sleep on one of the highest-quality mattresses in the industry while enjoying huge savings that are simply not available at the high-price retail places.

Find a BoxDrop Location Near You and Virtually Shop Today!

At BoxDrop, you can virtually shop with a friendly expert who will help you choose the mattress that's right for you and know that it will last. Find the right size and features that make it special to you. Then, we'll safely deliver it right to your home.

A great night’s sleep is waiting for you and your family. With the choices you’ll find at BoxDrop, you can rest easy.

We have over 400 locations and we’re adding more every month. Simply find the location near you, pick a time to shop virtually, and get a great mattress at a great price.